“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

A professional buyer’s agent will be in a much better position to give you objective and correct advice as opposed to your friends and family who might only buy a handful of properties in their lifetime.

– Tony Coughran

Buyer’s Agent

Real Estate Services we offer:

Research & Source
The next high
growth suburbs

Knowledge Transfer
The industry secrets to build your portfolio faster and structure your loans and tax to maximise your cashflow

And secure your
property below
market value

Build Your Team
Of professionals working
for you at the lowest
rate possible

Performance Review
Your portfolio on an annual basis to ensure you are always informed of your capital growth & market rental position

Real Estate Sales/ Purchases

Our team of qualified professionals can assist with all aspects of your property needs from buying, selling, managing or leasing your property. We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial or undeveloped land.

Our Services include:

  • Analysing market pricing and trends
  • Recommendations on key investment areas
  • Locating and inspecting appropriate properties for purchase
  • Ongoing Support with property management
  • Ongoing support with future property investment and portfolio management

We look forward to you becoming a part of the Premium Lifestyle Group.


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Any information in this website and the links provided are for general information only. It does not take into account your personal financial circumstances, needs and objectives. You should consider seeking specific advice in regards to your personal situation, from relevant licensed professionals, before proceeding with any strategy. Premium Holdings Pty Ltd is a licensed real estate company, specialising in property investment, with associations to independent legal, financial and taxation experts.

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