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What some of our customers say about us:

  • Shaughan and his team are amazing and I refer them to as many of my friends and family as possible. The investment that they helped me with has worked out extremely well, I couldn't be happier with where it is at the moment. I can't say enough good things about the experts Shaughan referred me to - from Mortgage broker, to Property Management, everyone has been amazing. I will be using Shaughan for my next investment. I am more than happy to share more of my experiences with the Premium Lifestyle Group, and would be happy to take calls/emails with more specific questions/feedback.

  • Hey Shaughan Well we got our cheques from the ATO and have booked a trip to Hawaii for Christmas/New Year. I know this probably isn't in keeping with solid financial practice, but try talking us out of it! The property has been running on auto pilot with the agents you referred us to looking after it splendidly. All I do is update the numbers on a spreadsheet every month and when tax time comes fill in the forms and before you know it.... Aloha! A big thanks for all your energy and help in getting us into this position.

    Bob and Tracy
    Bob and Tracy
  • This is just a quick note to thankyou for patience and professionalism in regards to your organising of my financial matters. I am a huge advocate of your system as it has really changed the way I look at my life. I now realise my earning potential and have a positive outlook on my ability to achieve financial freedom. The plan you developed has created enormous relief over the last couple of months and for that i am incredibly grateful. I look forward to our next meeting to discuss further opportunities.

    Paul Breen
    Paul Breen Kirrawee NSW
  • Shaughan introduced us to our first investment experience a few months ago and I can honestly say that it has all gone extremely smoothly, in the most part I’m sure due to Shaughan’s suggestions and involvement. As first time investors and cautious folks by nature, we were nervous entering into this kind of commitment but the thing that impressed us and probably got us over the line to be honest was Shaughan’s belief in his ability to deliver us an easy process. We also liked the fact he considered our apprehension and offered a more cautious low risk project for the first go and that there was never any pressure applied to use his ‘people’. We could use our own solicitors, search for our own property management people, employ our own mortgage brokers etc if we wished. In the end it made sense to us at least, to use the expertise of the people he works with on a regular basis...

    Steve & Alison
    Steve & Alison Central Coast, NSW
  • "We had talked about purchasing an investment property for quite some time, but being very busy with work, family and all the accoutrements of modern day life, we just never got around to doing the hard work required to find the best investment opportunity for us. Jason and the team at the Premium Lifestyle Group changed that for us. They really were fantastic and changed our view on what the best investment would be in our circumstances. After a detailed consultation, we were presented with a number of options to choose from that related directly to the requirements that we had previously outlined. From there, it really was one of the easiest things we have ever done. Contracts were signed, finishes were selected and 6 months after the first consultation we were doing the final inspection on our new investment property. The end to end service that Jason offered even meant that we had a rental agent chosen well before the completion of the house and the property was tenanted within a couple of weeks of completion. All of the projections that were provided proved to be spot on. We've recommended Premium Lifestyle Group to a number of our friends and family and would have no hesitation to continue to recommended them to others in the future. There's no doubt that when we purchase our next investment property in the next 18 months, we will be talking to Jason and the Premium Lifestyle Group again...."

  • Dear Shaughan Thank you so much for all of your help over the last 18 months. You helped me turn a small idea about a new property into a fantastic reality with basically zero effort on my front! You’ve helped me with so many other things since then, too - financial advice, property managers, rentals references. My property really does just look after itself – the property managers you referred me to are fantastic and I haven’t had a single problem with the whole process. I’m looking forward to buying the next one – after I save up just a little more! By the way…that article you sent through yesterday on the Wyndham area in Melbourne was awesome – so exciting!

  • Shaughan, Thank you so much for holding my hand and taking me through the process, and being so patient and answering all my dumb questions. The house was fantastic. I've no idea what I had expected, but it wasn't something as good as I've just seen, especially when I think it was only a few months ago when I was there with Bernie. I've gone from being really, really scared (I was shaking when I first had to initial all those bits of paper), to not caring less about it all when I had so much to think about in the UK, to being absolutely stoked about it today. I wish you were here so I could give you a big kiss and hug to say thank you. Do you get the impression I'm really pleased?! Thank you so much.

    Jo Garland
    Jo Garland
  • David and I were first put in contact with Shaughan Pringle and James Williamson through a friend of ours. We'd been thinking for a while about investing in property as a way of saving and accumulating assets for the future. As long-term but stable renters in Sydney we had no idea how the property market worked let alone how to purchase a property. We approached our first meeting with Shaughan with a healthy dose of scepticism and a fair amount of wariness. However, after an hour talking through our financial position and the costs and financial benefits of investing in a property, we both realised that not only was the investment possible, importantly it would have minimal impact on our lifestyle. Of course, this seemed all too good to be true, so we both consulted our own accountant and sought independent financial advice. Everyone we spoke to said that the figures and projections supplied by Shaughan and James were accurate and, most importantly, realistic. So, once agreeing to go ahead, we met several times with Shaughan and James and started on our property investment journey. Along this journey, Shaughan and James were there every step of the way. Daytime, nightime, weekends, whenever we had a question they had the answers. Both were, and continue to be, generous with their time and advice. Their experience in the property investment market was invaluable and both of them acted with honesty and integrity at all times. We are now the proud owners of a house with great tenants in booming SE Queensland.

    Chris and David
    Chris and David McMahons Point NSW
  • As most people, I was reluctant to start thinking about my future. It reminds one they are getting older and should in fact have some plan in place for retirement. Not knowing where to go or who to trust, I spoke to Premium Lifestyle Group. I was fortunate in that the first person I spoke to was James Williamson. He was approachable and honest with all his answers regarding my financial portfolio and what I could do to begin planning for the future as well as retirement.  At that point I was a low risk investor. I chose property. I cannot begin to tell you the trepidation I initially felt as a single woman without another to make the decisions with me. Again, I fell on my feet. The property advisor was Shaughan Pringle. Over the period of a few meetings and phone conversations I began to instinctively trust Shaughan to guide me into the right investment market. He did, and continued to provide consistent contact and professional after sale care and advise. Thanks to the honesty and integrity of these two gentlemen, I am now a growth investor

    Helen McMahon
    Helen McMahon Ruse NSW


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